1001 Miglia Italia 2021 — or how I ended up in an Italian hospital


Not exactly how I expected this to end… but well…


More or less the things I carried with me…
Most likely the shittiest packed bicycle in the race 🙈
My training statistics for 2021 including 1001 Miglia

Getting to Milan

The friendly staff at the check-in counter — handing out a perfectly prepared road book
Some impressions from the start in Parabagio

Into the first night

Our Audax Suisse friends made it into the first group of starters
Robert and I enjoying the first few kilometers of the race — perfect weather, perfect temperature
Arriving at the first check point
2nd check point

Ligurian Coast and Cinqu Terre

Into sunrise — along the Ligurian coast, close to Levanto
Wondering whether this bar in Levanto ever sold that many coffees as it did on the 2nd day of 1001 Miglia
Short time in the morning of day 2 where temperatures were just fine

Getting some sleep and catching up with Mischa

Only few hours later, temperatures were up to 38º and we had to push up a long ascent to Gorfigliano
Into a perfect sunset and the 2nd night of 1001 Miglia 2021
Robert and Mischa searching for food during our descent to Pontedera
Check point 5 in Pontedera — around 2:00 am in the morning


During the 2nd night in some Tuscany city
After 600km at the 6th check point in Castelnuovo Berardenga
Passing the region of L’Eroica — sweet memories for Mischa and Robert

It’s getting hotter

The hottest part of the race — in between check point 6 and check point 7 in the middle of the day
Check point 7 in Quircio D’Orcia — tired and exhausted from the high temperatures

A perfect Italian night

Slowly reaching the borders of Tuscany
What an unforgettable sunset during the last kilometers to the city of Pitigliano
Mischa riding past the city of Pitigliano
Robert searching for an open restaurant around 11:00 pm in the city of Bolsena
Sunrise of the 4th day on the Monte Peglia
Mischa after breakfast on day 4

Lago di Trasimeno

On the way to checkpoint in Tavernelle S. Eseubio
Climbing some nameless hill after the city of Porta Etrusca
Some fellow rider along the route to Matassino Reggello
Some impressions from the route to Matassino Reggello

The last climb

The lights of the nearby cities during the climb up to Vallombrosa — 1000km in the saddle
My “last” check point in Scarperia
Laura riding into another beautiful sunrise somewhere around the city of Lugo — that was the last picture I took during the tour

A little stone kicked me off the bike





Father, Software Developer, Cyclist

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Michael Lihs

Michael Lihs

Father, Software Developer, Cyclist

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